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Enhance operational efficiency and mitigate Brexit-related risks

There is still no indication as to whether the UK will leave with a deal, and this growing uncertainty means businesses must work quickly to review their existing technology.


Jason Betteridge is the Managing Director of Circyl, with over 27 years’ industry experience and broader market knowledge. Coming from a technical background, he uses a strategy and sales-focused approach to assist business users, business owners and wider technical audiences.

Whether it’s moving operations to the cloud or investing in technology capable of transforming information into insights, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to explore.

Regardless of what Brexit does or doesn’t bring, any organisation that successfully exploits new technology and the data moving around their business activities will be in better shape to take advantage of the opportunities presented.

Understanding the opportunities

There is often a misconception that solutions are overly technical, complicated to use and require significant financial investment to implement.

However, by leveraging the power of various Microsoft applications, businesses can unlock a wealth of exciting opportunities, whether it’s streamlining sales management processes or improving customer service and profitability.

Integration is the key to success – instead of relying solely on one specific offering, organisations should look to combine a selection of services in order to deliver maximum value.

For example, if there is a demand for data analytics, but an understanding that app development is a complicated and time-consuming process, then a solution that utilises Microsoft’s Power BI and PowerApps would offer much greater value to clients.

Integration is key

Microsoft’s Power Platform understands the importance of integration, effectively combining Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow to provide services for business intelligence, app development and app connectivity.

Giving businesses the opportunity to customise cloud products, Power Platform helps customers extract greater value out of their existing investment in technology, accessing multiple dynamic components as one masterful service.

Not just aimed at tech-savvy developers, the solution gives people with very basic technical knowledge the opportunity to perform important tasks.

Instead of spending significant time and resources developing apps, users can create them with ease, using Microsoft Flow to transfer important data between systems, while utilising Power BI’s data analytics to display important insights.

New CRM solutions

Before a solution can be delivered, it is crucial that time is taken to understand your unique business needs – every action needs to have a purpose.

CRM solutions can be tailored with these in mind. For example, PowerStart for sales CRM integrates multi-service offerings, like Power Platform, with tried-and-tested products like Dynamics 365.

By integrating different services, they enable the end-to-end management of company data, with various features working together to enhance key aspects, such as pipeline management, proactive sales, stage notifications, proposals and commission tracking.

Instead of collecting and storing masses of data without a strategy, you can transform information into important insights, improving overall business growth.

The strategy for success…

Finding the right CRM solution can be a difficult task for businesses, with uncertainty surrounding which apps and features are needed to deliver the best results.

There are a range of customisable solutions, including PowerStart for Sales CRM, that understand this and have been designed to offer new users a well-rounded starting experience.

Don’t let data get away from you – contact a team of technology specialists for advice and guidance on how to mitigate potential risks.

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