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Improving the Traceability of Windows and Doors

Adrian Pavey, Commercial Director at Nationwide Windows and Doors, discusses how new technology can help improve the safety of fire doors.

Nationwide Windows & Doors

In recent years, there have been many things which have changed the way we manufacture and install products in the construction industry. Environmental and safety standards are constantly changing, meaning we have to be agile in the way we make our products in order to adapt. It means that we have to change, not only the way we make windows and doors, but also how the processes we create help us, as an industry, improve our practices to meet the correct regulations.

The Grenfell tragedy highlighted the shocking lack of accountability and traceability which was previously seen in the construction supply chain. There is now a greater responsibility for manufacturers, construction companies and installers to meet the stringent regulations to keep everyone safe. There are so many different components which go into the production of windows and doors which can determine how effective it performs. The glass, the hardware, and even the installation, all contribute to the overall performance of the final product, and combining all these things into one product can cause complications. This is why it is so important for there to be complete transparency across the entire supply chain to ensure that everyone contributing to a window or door meets the appropriate standards.

With this in mind, we have developed Fingerprint – an app which provides complete traceability of windows and doors throughout the entire lifetime of the product. This is an app which will revolutionise the way in which construction firms operate. By simply scanning a QR code on the product, you are able to see all the certificates and standards which it meets, making it easier to see if the product is as safe as possible.

This doesn’t just stop at installation though. The app will let users know exactly when its time to replace certain parts of the window to help you in the maintenance stage of the product.

This level of traceability is especially important with fire doors. As they are a legal requirement in most buildings, Fingerprint is the perfect solution for those working in public sector construction, to ensure that they’re meeting best practice and building the safest environments possible. There is such a huge importance on each fire door component, and everything needs to meet the right standards and be installed properly. Fingerprint is a great way of holding this to account and allows you to monitor windows and doors from manufacture all the way through to installation and aftercare, to ensure that there are no situations where something isn’t manufactured or installed properly.

Fingerprint is the perfect example of how, at Nationwide, we are embracing technology and improving communities by making windows and doors smart, helping to improve the construction industry as a whole and ensuring we all contribute to making the safest products and buildings possible.

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