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Prepare for the “New Normal” and Use Access Control for Infection Control

With the passing of ‘Freedom Day’, access control will play a key role in infection control – contributing to keeping employees, customers, and the general public safe from transmission.

Safety Technology International

Post-COVID research discovered when “out and about”, almost half of British people surveyed now want “motion sensors so you don’t have to touch things.” We must rethink how we interact with our environment, listening to the calls of customers throughout the pandemic Safety Technology International have sought a solution for contactless entries and exits.

Honouring the problem-solving blueprint of company founder Jack Taylor, the inventor of the original Stopper® protective cover, the new NoTouch® Buttons harness the power of current infrared technology to stem the spread of COVID-19.

When used in conjunction with an automatic door opener or hands-free foot plate, as suggested by the Health and Safety Executive, the buttons provide a completely touchless entry and exit system, requiring no physical contact at all.

To activate the NoTouch® Button, a person must simply wave or gesture their hand in front of the infrared sensor at a variable detection range. The device will detect this motion, indicated by dual colour status LEDs, then open or unlatch the door for an adjustable amount of time, without the user needing to touch a button.

Researchers revealed contamination of just a single door results in the spread of viruses throughout office buildings, hotels, and health care facilities; within just two to four hours the virus could be detected on 40 to 60 per cent of workers and visitors in the facilities.

Replacing traditional entry systems, such as push buttons and lever handles, the award-winning NoTouch® Buttons are available in both cast aluminium, for industrial applications, and medical/food grade stainless steel making them ideal for hospitals and health care facilities.

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