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Big Attention to Small Details Pays Dividends in Roof Specification

When it comes to specification, paying close attention to seemingly small details will go a long way to ensuring a roof remains watertight and problem-free during its lifetime, says Martin Bidewell, Head of Technical for Sika Roofing.


Design, technical support, surveying and contract management all have a part to play in successful roof installation. Such details are crucial to ensuring a building’s uppermost, protective layer remains as impervious to the elements as the day it was installed.

As with most, if not all, roofing projects selecting an appropriate waterproofing system is crucial in applications involving a plethora of plant materials. PV panels, air conditioning units, rooflights and the like require regular maintenance. Therefore, great care should be given to the type of protection installed if the roof is to perform as required and remain watertight. This is also true of other details such as junctions and upstands, which if not properly accounted for, can compromise a roof’s watertight performance.

Ready expertise

The specification of a single-ply system can help alleviate risk when it comes to roof installation. This outcome is easiest and best achieved in conjunction with companies such as Sika, which works closely with customers on the selection of a suitable system for a wide range of roofing applications. Engaging with a specialist roof manufacturer at the start of the roof specification process minimises the risk of future problems. Oversights in relation to insulation or rainwater outlets, for example, could lead to water-ponding and premature wear and tear.

Assurance scheme

Once the single-ply membrane and installation method has been specified, the relationship between the manufacturer and the roofing contractor becomes absolutely crucial.
Utilising the expertise of a manufacturer and producing highly-detailed plans before the project begins, assures a roof’s waterproofing project is completed correctly first time, every time. Whatever the installation; specifiers, contractors and their clients must turn to manufacturers and designers such as Sika to ensure a quality specification that meets the very highest standards. It will also minimise the potential for a project falling foul of the unseen devil in detail.

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