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When our loved ones move into independent living or a nursing home, our main priority is to ensure that they feel safe and secure. Unfortunately, care homes face a number of security risks and are often targeted by criminals looking to steal personal belongings, expensive equipment and sensitive data.


Security is paramount for hospitals too and extends further than effective medical intervention and infection control. CCTV, alarms and electronic door access control systems all provide a protected environment for patients, visitors and staff.

Offering a standalone access control and key management solution in aged care and hospital applications provides essential control in the protection of people and assets, whilst saving valuable time and costs for building managers and staff.

Requiring an affordable access control system that reinforces building security and is easy to use, The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt (RJAH) Orthopaedic Hospital chose Codelocks Smart Locks to help secure its facilities in the UK. With multiple options of code, card and phone entry, the smart locks make access convenient for hospital staff by removing the hassle of storing, issuing and replacing keys.

For restricted areas of nursing homes and hospitals, smart locks make it quick and easy to permit and limit staff and visitor access. Using wireless technology, managers can programme the locks and issue codes using their smartphones which is fast, hygienic and particularly effective for managing high turnover of staff, as well as facilitating rapid access for external visitors.

Matthew Mackenzie, Building Team Leader of the RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital, said: “We have various buildings across the site that need to be secure, so it’s convenient that the lock enables quick and easy code changes to save time for staff around our busy site. It was easy to install and requires low maintenance, so has certainly freed up more time for our staff. I’d highly recommend this lock to other building managers.”

Codelocks Smart Locks use sophisticated NetCode technology that allows audit trails to be viewed and downloaded and managers to keep track of who enters the building. Time-specific NetCodes can also be generated and shared via email or SMS that automatically expire after a certain period, providing staff, patients and families with complete peace of mind.

Codelocks electronic and smart locks do not have to be hardwired into existing systems, meaning that they can easily be retrofitted. This is useful for hospital environments as deployments can be phased, with minimum disruption to operations, medical equipment and patients.

Keyless access locks can also be installed on cabinets, cupboards and lockers to help to restrict access to medicines, sensitive data records and staff and patient belongings. KitLock by Codelocks is a convenient and stylish alternative to traditional key-operated locker locks that eliminate the inconvenience of coins and keys. The locks can be programmed with private codes that are unique to the user or with time-specific codes to grant temporary public access.

For facilities managers that require a keyless solution for internal and external applications to use with magnetic locks and electric strikes, door controllers are a compact, standalone solution with RFID functionality.

If you are looking to upgrade the security in your medical facility and lock down your access control system, take a step towards smarter security.

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