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Wood-effect powder achieves A2 ‘Reaction to Fire’ rating

Powdertech Wood Finish (PWF), a popular architectural finish that can be applied to both aluminium and steel, has successfully demonstrated that, as tested, it meets all of the Reaction to Fire Standards for fire classification A2-s1,d0.


Building Regulations 2010, Approved Document B Volume 1 (2019 edition for use in England), currently states that for relevant buildings with a storey at least 18m above ground level, external walls and thus facade materials are required to achieve a reaction to fire classification of A2-s1, d0. Full compliance was confirmed after PWF underwent tests at Warringtonfire Testing and Certification Limited. Classification A2 means very limited contribution to fire, s1 means smoke emission is absent or weak, and d0 means that there are no flaming droplets

The test sequence included EN 13823 single burning item test of the finish as applied to an aluminium substrate to measure fire growth rate, total heat release, total smoke production and smoke growth rate and EN ISO 1716, bomb calorimeter test to ascertain the calorific value of the material components. Powdertech has produced a tabulated summary of the test report, available as a download from the company’s website (www.powdertechcorby.co.uk).

“With an increased awareness of the role of building products in the achievement of fire safety, following major disasters and lesser-known fires, Powdertech felt that the time was right to confirm the reaction to fire classification of Powdertech Wood Finish,” said Richard Besant, Director at Powdertech.

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