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Titan Lite Deals with 200mm Movement Range at Amazon Data Centre

One of FIREFLY’s regular customers is currently making use of Titan Lite™ 120:60 fire barriers to create compartmentations to protect multiple zones within a huge new Amazon Data Centre at Hemel Hempstead, where the possible degree of structural movement predicted for the building prevented the manufacturer’s competitors from offering a viable solution.

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Amersham based GSI Contract Services Ltd. is approximately halfway through a year-long specialist sub-contract for TSL, installing the high-performance Titan Lite™ 120:60 along all of the floor and roof junctions to the internal partitions, providing both integrity and insulation while accommodating relative movement of +/- 200mm. FIREFLY’s area Technical Sales Manager, Andy Greenwood, was closely involved in offering advice on the specification and supplying project specific installation details. Site training of GSI’s operatives has also been delivered.

The Site Manager for GSI Contract Services, Stan Tsenkov, commented: “We carry out specialist fire protection work in healthcare, commercial, schools, residential and other premises – including airports – from the South-east as far up country as Birmingham and have been making use of FIREFLY’s Titan Lite™ product on multiple projects over the past two years – particularly protecting roof spaces in blocks of flats for Kier.”

“For this project, our FIREFLY consultant was involved in pre-contract meetings before recommending the Titan Lite™ as being ideal to offer the periods of integrity and insulation required, as well as being able to cope with the unusually high levels of movement which could occur, when other suppliers in the country said they could not help. We have already had up to 15 operatives on site for eight months and are due to complete this summer. One team of eight, who have all received training from FIREFLY®, are using flat metal straps to fit the Titan Lite™ material along the sides of junctions, while we have also purchased a dozen of the heavy duty B16 staple guns via the company. Over all the work has gone very well.”

Commenting on the degree of movement accommodated at the data centre, FIREFLY’s Andy Greenwood commented: “This is a very high specification building and the +/- 200mm movement included in the design of the Titan Lite™ fire barrier would accommodate earth tremors as well as any thermal movement in the structure and if any significant movement does occur, the material will simply concertina back down again.”

FIREFLY Titan Lite™ 120:60 has been developed as a flexible fire barrier to provide compartmentation of larger concealed spaces within different types of buildings including factories, warehouses, healthcare facilities and even railway stations.

By offering 120 minutes integrity and 60 minutes insulation, Titan Lite™ 120:60 exceeds the minimum requirements relating to Fire Barriers as detailed in the UK Building Regulations: Approved Document B (Fire Safety). FIREFLY ‘s barrier products are manufactured using specially treated woven glass fibre fabrics.

Specifiers and specialist fire contractors wishing to find more information about the full range of products available from FIREFLY® can visit the website below.

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