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Make 2020 the year you go single-use plastic-free with Zip Water

2019 has been something of a pivotal year for climate change. We saw weather extremes around the world, Greta Thunberg caused a media storm by challenging world leaders on their inaction and notably in June, the UK legally bound itself to be net-zero by 2050.

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There’s certainly been a renewed commitment to tackling climate change due to mounting media attention on the devastating impact our wasteful society has caused on natural habitats. And, just as businesses are incorporating sustainability into their CSR programmes, local authorities, hospitals and universities – in fact, all public buildings – are under pressure to ensure they operate with the environment in mind.

Individually and at work, it’s vital that sustainability targets are taken seriously. Take schools, for example; they are a huge contributor to the country’s carbon emissions. In fact, they account for around 2% of UK greenhouse gas emissions, roughly the same as all the energy and transport emissions of Manchester, Newcastle and Bristol combined. This is equivalent to 15% of the country’s public sector emissions.

Any public building that has a high number of users has an obligation to provide certain safe, accessible facilities. But, of course, marrying safe and accessible – not to mention cost-effective – with sustainable, can often be a challenge.

One small area that can have a big impact is a building’s drinking water facilities. Far more than just a box to tick, having access to safe, filtered drinking water ensures users remain hydrated, ultimately improving wellbeing. Estates and facilities managers want a solution that is flexible and reliable, but most importantly, environmentally-friendly. The good news is that there are so many options available now that remove any need for something that has been pin-pointed as the scourge of the environment: single-use plastic.

As a creator of the world’s most advanced drinking water systems, Zip Water knows the importance of encouraging employees, guests and students to stay hydrated and provides the best mains-fed solutions available for the public sector.

Our range of industry-leading mains-fed filtered drinking water solutions provide users a choice of pure-tasting boiling, chilled, sparkling and ambient water at the touch of a button thanks to its high-level filtration technology and high-performing, energy-efficient systems. Having clean-tasting water on-tap not only encourages users to drink more, but discourages them from buying unsustainable single-use plastic water bottles and instead refilling their own reusable water bottles.

In addition, the use of plastic containers that come with the majority of traditional water coolers is incredibly damaging. With a regular plastic bottle taking 450 years to decompose, a quick decision to purchase a water cooler will continue to affect our planet for centuries.

With a range of products and services on offer, Zip can provide tailored solutions to meet any requirement and budget. Selected models can also help comply with equality requirements, with features such as accessibility levers and braille covers as well as infection control, thanks to a UV Out sterilisation feature.

If 2020 is the year you aim to make your building single-use plastic-free, contact Zip to discuss a competitive and bespoke package before 31st March 2020.

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