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CCF Puts Energy into Improving Efficiency Across its Vehicle Fleet

Leading insulation, drywall, and ceiling product distributor CCF has upgraded its vehicle fleet to offer a more efficient and reliable service to its customers across the UK.


As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to improving sustainability across its business operations, CCF has invested in 70 new fuel-efficient delivery lorries. By increasing capacity from 26 to 32 tonnes, the larger vehicles will replace the smaller, older trucks within the existing fleet so that more orders can be delivered in fewer journeys. The new fleet has a Direct Vision Standard (DVS) 3-star rating, and is fully compliant with the Euro 6 emission standard. The new vehicles will help reduce both pollution and embodied carbon within the transportation of CCF’s extensive product offering, which includes insulation, plasterboard, and ceiling solutions, to construction sites around the country.

CCF is taking further steps to reduce the environmental impact of its distribution of building products and materials by phasing out the use of diesel-fuelled vehicles in its warehouses. The distributor has already moved 88 per cent of its equipment over to electric power and this includes the investment of 191 new electric fork lift trucks, as well as electric moffets and sweepers. CCF plans to continue to upgrade the rest of its warehouse fleet where possible to further increase the number of electric vehicles by 2024.

As well as improving the environmental efficiencies of its warehouse and delivery vehicles, CCF has introduced new initiatives to offer customers a more personal service including a live delivery tracking system. This service provides customers with a text message, confirming a two-hour delivery time slot and a portal link showing full details of the products that will be arriving.

The company is also in the process of trialling its comprehensive new carbon reporting system with a panel of key customers who are working on large projects across the country to gather as much data as possible. The new tool will provide information on the carbon emissions relating specifically to the delivery of products to site but going forwards it will also include the embodied carbon of the products to give insight and transparency to enable decision makers to make tangible carbon savings.

For more information about CCF’s products and services, please visit the website below.

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