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Transforming education facilities to activate healthier lifestyles

Modern technology has certainly transformed education over the years, from tablets to interactive whiteboards, the learning experience has been taken to the next level. With this in mind, it is important that the education sector has affordable access control that offers a safe environment for its pupils and staff, and spaces that provide maximum security for equipment and personal belongings.


To be involved in the design, build and management of a school, college or university is a privilege and a responsibility. The opportunity to create an effective learning space that has the power to shape students of today into healthy, active adults of tomorrow is rewarding. Whatever the stage of development or refurbishment an education facility is at, some relatively small changes to buildings and amenities can have a significant impact on staff and students.

Learning to be healthy

Well-designed schools with practical and well-appointed facilities encourage students to engage more in physical activities. An active student is likely to become an active adult, and there is plenty of evidence to show the benefits an active lifestyle has on both physical and mind health – helping to keep mental health problems, disease and obesity at bay.

Conveniently managing sports facilities

Using the latest smart, electronic and mechanical locks can help schools manage sports facilities safely. Coded locks can provide appealing, hassle-free access control to swimming pools, sports courts, equipment stores and in changing rooms.

Regular, frequent access to facilities and lockers can easily be arranged for teachers, students and caretakers using codes or cards. For cleaners who require regular temporary access, a time-sensitive code can be issued for use on a certain day, or at specific times of the day.

Outside of school hours, time- or date-sensitive codes are also useful when contractors need access during the summer holidays for routine maintenance. Other advanced features, such as code-free entry, enables open access periods, convenient for break times, after school clubs, and fire drills.

In addition, smart locks have an integrated audit trail facility. By downloading a history of code or card use it is possible to monitor pupil, visitor and staff movements.

Generating additional income

Time-limited codes can enable the use of school premises to generate income, by hiring out facilities such as swimming pools, sports halls and tennis courts. Using time-sensitive codes, independent clubs and sports teams can be issued with codes that allow temporary access on specific dates, times and for set durations.

Coded locks offer complete control and convenience, allowing players to book courts and access changing facilities and lockers at any time, without having to meet anyone to gain entry. ‘Pay as you play’ solutions are also available to simplify financial transactions for both parties.

More productive use of time

One of the biggest challenges for people in charge of school buildings is the time spent managing and changing access codes on keypad locks. While changing the code on some mechanical locks can be laborious as you have to remove the lock from the door, electronic locks eliminate this problem by enabling on the door code changes. Smart locks take the level of convenience a step further, with management and operation via smartphones.

Refurbing or upgrading your school’s locks does not have to be done over the holidays along with the majority of other building maintenance, although this is certainly possible. Electronic and smart locks are individually battery-powered rather than part of a complicated wired system. The standalone locks can be fitted during term time with minimal disruption to lessons. Maintenance requirements are limited which makes them a cost-effective option for schools with a restricted budget.

And, for any caretaker still unsure whether coded locks are a good investment, with keyless access for doors, lockers, cabinets and cupboards, there is no more wasted hours looking for lost keys or arranging for new keys to be cut.

A* solution

With years of experience supplying the education sector, Codelocks can help people choose the right access control solution for their school, college, university or nursery helping to create a safe and accessible environment.

Introducing the KL10

Designed with simplicity in mind, the KL10 is a sleek, easy-to-install, mechanical lock ideal for nurseries, schools, colleges and universities. Offering seamless access via a four-wheel code combination, the durable lock is the perfect solution for a wide variety of internal applications including lockers, cabinets and cupboards.

Benefits of installing KL10:

    • Saves budget – eliminates time and money spent replacing and looking for lost keys.
    • Removes the issue of pupils losing keys and causing disruption to learning.
    • Unique 4-digit code ensures belongings are kept safe from other pupils.
    • Allows teachers to secure personal property and expensive equipment such as; iPads, mobile phones and any confiscated gadgets.
    • Caretakers and cleaners can store hazardous items away in cupboards and gain access 24/7.
    • Private individual function only is ideal for settings where the same code is repetitively used.
    • Code retrieval function allows codes to be easily changed or reset whilst the code is on the door. Master key provides access to all lockers if codes are forgotten.
    • Easy to manage, maintain and install.
    • Affordable for institutions such as the education sector who have restricted budgets.
    • Allows future security and refurbishment budget to be allocated to learning projects

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