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Airtech Helps Landlords Meet NICE Guidance and Homes Act

Following the recent launch of ‘Indoor Air Quality at Home’ from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE), landlords can be assured that Airtech can provide the ventilation solutions and expertise to help them meet the new guidance. The new NICE document gives detailed information and advice on ways to reduce exposure to indoor pollutants and so help protect health. Underlining the importance of good indoor air quality (IAQ), the document highlights the need for effective ventilation within the home. Airtech’s unique datalogging fans help landlords follow this NICE guidance by providing good IAQ and also comply with the new Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act since landlords can ensure ventilation is being used effectively.

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Airtech is the only company in the social housing market that provides such a depth of detail when it comes to ventilation data through its sophisticated datalogging. This data is highly valuable to social housing landlords since it helps them in disrepair cases to prove sufficient ventilation in line with the Homes Act. Condensation and mould can wreak havoc with housing stock leading to costly redecoration and poor IAQ, affecting inhabitants’ health. This is being tackled by the new Homes Act, which obliges landlords to ensure sufficient ventilation. The Act also gives residents the right to sue landlords who let properties that aren’t “fit for human habitation”. By installing Airtech datalogging fans, landlords can be reassured that they are providing good IAQ and ventilation to meet the requirements of the Act and also record how the resident is using the fan. This data is then available to defend disrepair cases.

“With condensation and mould an enduring issue in many properties, social housing landlords will be pleased to know that Airtech are on hand to provide solutions to help them ensure that their housing stock meets the Homes Act standard and provides good IAQ inline with the new NICE guidance,” explains Jeremy Cleeter at Airtech. “At Airtech we’ve built an enviable reputation for expert knowledge and experience of condensation, damp and mould control. And our unique datalogging ventilation products are a great tool for landlords in both fighting condensation and mould and defending disrepair cases.”

Airtech’s sophisticated datalogging allows landlords to interrogate saved IAQ data, thus giving peace of mind. This information is invaluable when it comes to supporting landlords in disrepair or complaint cases with robust data. The inbuilt datalogger in Airtech’s fans records details of the home environment, such as humidity and temperature levels. Landlords can also monitor all ‘on/off’ occurrences and map them in relation to the temperature and humidity readings, giving a clear indication of whether a fan has been running as intended. Landlords can also use this data to show residents the effects changing lifestyle habits have on a home environment and how reducing relative humidity through adequate heating and ventilation can maintain a healthy home. Data is stored over a 5-week or a 15-month period depending on the model of the ventilation fan.

Hand-in-hand with the data logging, Airtech’s specialist control platform monitors the data as it is collected and modulates the fan accordingly to react automatically and proportionally to rising humidity levels, offering quick and effective humidity control. This ensures the resident keeps the optimum environment in the home to avoid condensation forming, thus helping maintain good IAQ.

Airtech was the first company to introduce real time data logging extractor fans in response to a demand for fan data from Local Authorities in London. Airtech boasts 30 years of experience in helping Local Authorities tackle condensation and mould, offering expert advice on how to both avoid and deal with this ever-present problem as well as providing proven solutions.

Boasting patented market-leading ventilation technology that improves tenant comfort and efficiency, Airtech can offer landlords the correct solution for individual properties. This can range from the Air+ and Air+ Wall Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) to the environment sensing bathroom and kitchen fans, such as the SA25 SELV, the SA60 Mains and SELV, and the SA64, and data gathering fans, such as the DA25, DA60 and DA64, as well as a range of products designed to reduce radon gas levels.

Airtech’s mould surveys and treatment offer simple steps that can solve the problem of condensation and mould: comprehensive property surveys to identify condensation, damp and mould problems and recommendations to solve the issues; mould removal treatment and redecoration; and full installation of adequate ventilation equipment to ensure condensation and mould won’t return. The treatment and mould removal is backed by a unique three-year guarantee that the mould will not return.

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