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Revive Aged External Wood Using Osmo’s Highly Effective Power Gel

With Springtime upon us and the prospect of enjoying the long days and evenings in the garden, it’s time to get into full outdoor DIY mode and clean external wooden surfaces so that they are ready to be used when the sun starts shining.


Most homes have wood of some sort in their garden, be it decking, door and window frames, sheds, furniture, cladding and fencing. These wooden surfaces feel the brunt of the weather all year around. In particular, high UV rays can bleach exterior wood, giving the timber a greyed and lifeless appearance. Wood has the ability to shrink, crack, peel and discolour – all things which will leave the surface looking old and tired.

Another problem that many wooden surfaces are faced with, particularly in the UK’s mild and damp climate, is the growth of mould, algae and fungal decay. Not only are these unsightly, but they can also cause danger if they take hold on surfaces such as decking as it will make the surface slippery.

As a natural material, wood needs maintenance to ensure it continues to retain its positive properties. The best maintenance products penetrate deeply into the wood, bringing elasticity to the surface and allowing it to breathe, preventing the pores from clogging.

Specifically designed for outdoor application, Wood Reviver Power Gel offers a solution that is easy to apply, whilst hugely improving the weathered woods appearance. Cutting through dirt and removing the top layers of the weathered surface, the solution restores the natural texture and appearance of the wood. It has a deep penetrating effect that allows users to achieve remarkable results that will bring exterior wood back to its original condition in just 20 minutes.

Available in 0.5l, 2.5l and 5l, Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel is a jelly-like cleaner that effectively cleans and refreshes greyed and weathered exterior wood. Made from environmentally friendly and biodegradable ingredients, the product is free from harmful solvents, chlorine compounds, amines and harmful odours. One coat of Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel is sufficient to revive external wood back to its natural colour and appearance. This product is most effective on untreated wood that has been left to age.

Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel is ready to apply straight from the tin. The application process should begin by removing debris and dampening the surface with water. If the surface has been treated in the past, users should apply the Osmo Paint Remover Gel, which removes old oil-based finishes and stains. Once completed, the Wood Reviver Power Gel should be generously applied along the wood grain.

The solution requires just 20 minutes to gently work into the wood’s surface before being scrubbed with a hard bristle or scrub brush. Once rinsed with plenty of water, it is recommended to allow 48 hours drying time before applying a finish, such as Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain, Decking-Oils and Country Colour. This will help add protection to the wood against UV and water damage, whilst maintaining the woods natural breathability.

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