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Omnie UFH to optimise air-source heat pump in Cambridge self-build

The compatibility of OMNIE underfloor heating systems with renewable heating technologies has been underlined through the use of the Staple and TorFloor options throughout a large two-storey self-build property in South Cambridgeshire, ready to connect up to an air source heat pump.


The four bedroom detached home in Shepreth, near Royston, is being built to the specifications of the owner, John Manion, while locally based Murray Heating Services is installing and commissioning the underfloor heating along with all the plumbing equipment. Critical to keeping air source and other types of heat pump running efficiently is matching the method of heat delivery to the unit’s best operating temperature. In this respect, underfloor heating systems are better suited than radiators to connecting with heat pumps which often offer flow temperatures around 40-500 Centigrade or lower.

Used throughout the upper storey, TorFloor provides particularly high efficiency because of its integral heat emitter and the position of the 12mm diameter pipe loops being in close proximity to the covering of thin plywood and chosen floor finishes. In combination with a well-insulated building envelope, this also means that the heat pump can be set up to run for longer periods at low output, rather than repeatedly cycling. The Staple system installed across the ground floor over 90mm of Celotex insulation, is being covered by a dry-mix screed and, like the upstairs circuits, will eventually be overlaid by a high quality vinyl. In the case of the Shepreth house, OMNIE’s detailed design drawings provided Murray Heating with pipe layouts covering the entire upper level, with the individual loops across a total of eight zones connecting back to two 10-port and one seven- port Precision-Flo manifold.

Following completion of the TorFloor installation for the project, Ian Murray, commented: “We cover Cambridgeshire and parts of Suffolk, carrying out commercial as well as domestic contracts, but hadn’t used the OMNIE systems prior to the client selecting them here for cost and practical considerations. The installation progressed well, though revisions to the upstairs room layout meant I had to make changes from the drawings OMNIE provided. However, I was able to make use of the blanking plugs provided where a couple of circuits switched from one manifold to the other and the amount of pipe provided was still sufficient. I have tested the whole system, throughout the house to 6 Bar, in one go and will be carrying out the final commissioning as soon as the heat pump has been fitted.”

In addition to being manufactured under ISO 9001 and complying with the requirements for a BS1264 installation, TorFloor has been tested by the internationally respected TRADA (Timber Research and Development Association) laboratories, confirming its strength and fitness for fulfilling a structural role. There is also a TorFloor RdB variant available, offering improved acoustic performance for use in situations such as upper storey, apartment and other demanding applications. OMNIE offers a full range of solutions for rapid completion and restricted construction depths, as well as its TileOver range.

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