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May 2022

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Welcome to the May issue of PSBJ…

When the Government announced a ‘presumption in favour of offsite’ in November 2017, the adoption of this approach was slow to say the least. Calls were made for a better overall procurement approach to ensure that all departments committed to favour tenders with an offsite component (defence, education, health and social care, justice and transport) could successfully deliver through modern methods.

Recorded figures in 2019 demonstrated that, of all the departments, the education sector significantly led the way in awarding contracts via dedicated offsite frameworks. Fast forward to 2022, and the landscape of offsite construction has changed quite significantly. Accelerated due to the pandemic and urgent demand for facilities, the uptake of MMC in the healthcare sector, notably, has seen a great surge.

In this month’s issue of PSBJ, we focus on these two sectors that are successfully navigating the field of MMC, by demonstrating the speed, value and efficiencies that can be achieved by adopting this approach. Turn to page 20 to read how the demand for offsite solutions for healthcare continues to rise. David Harris, of Premier Modular, explores the increasing use of offsite in the sector thanks to its flexibility, superior design, efficient process, and value.

Meanwhile, on page 30, our dedicated MMC feature highlights the reasons why offsite construction of teaching spaces continues to gain favour. Using Hatchlands Primary School as a prime example, Elliott – soon to be Algeco – details the speed and versatility of permanent modular buildings.

Elsewhere in this issue, ATG Access discusses the importance of regular service and maintenance of physical security systems, Consort Architectural Hardware explains how the drive towards sustainability is influencing hardware and building designs, and IRT Surveys details how thermal imaging can help landlords and developers make smarter retrofit decisions.

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FIRMAN - A Leading Name in Glass Production


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