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April 2024

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Welcome to the April issue of PSBJ…

In today’s construction landscape, leveraging technology isn’t just an option – it’s a necessity. By embracing tech, both the public and private sectors stand to gain significantly. Not only does it streamline operations, enhance safety measures and reduce expenses, but it also fosters a culture of collaboration, a key focus across the industry. Moreover, technology empowers decision makers with valuable data insights, facilitating informed choices at every stage. And let’s not forget its role in promoting sustainability practices and aligning construction efforts with environmental goals.

Traditionally labelled as a latecomer to embracing high-tech innovations, the construction industry has faced criticism for its perceived reluctance to adopt modern technology. However, there are clear signs that this mindset is shifting, indicating a promising transition towards technological integration within the sector.

In this month’s issue, we delve into the findings of the NBS’ 2023 Digital Construction Report, showcasing a significant change in the industry. Positive statistics abound, including a notable 50% surge in the adoption of digital twins since 2021, a marked uptick in interest in AI and machine learning and an impressive eight out of 10 professionals now integrating cloud computing into their daily workflows. For further insights, turn to page 30.

Elsewhere, we look at the recent installation of the first large-scale solar car park (SCP) in Europe, constructed from sustainable glulam timber beams and Glass-Glass solar panels. Opening to the public this month, the SCP at Wiltshire Council’s Five Rivers Health & Wellbeing Centre is a significant leap in maximising the lifetime sustainability of solar installations. Learn more on page 20.

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