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October 2021

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Welcome to the October issue of PSBJ…

Last month, thousands of commuters were left stranded for hours on end on a portion of the M25, after protestors blocked the road campaigning for more action to be taken against energy-inefficient homes.

The group of activists, known as Insulate Britain, is calling on the Government to put in place a national home insulation programme – starting with social housing. They want the Government to pay to make all social housing energy efficient by 2025, and to produce plans and costings to insulate all UK homes by 2030.

Their stance is that the poorest people in society live in the worst-insulated homes and are paying a hefty price just to keep their homes on the cusp of comfortable. Add to this the rise in wholesale gas prices, occupants are undoubtedly going to be facing quite a bleak winter.

According to the group’s website: “In order to meet UK commitments under the Paris Agreement to stay below 1.5C, and legal obligations under the Climate Change Act 2008, as amended in 2019, emissions from heating and powering homes must be reduced by 78% in less than 15 years and then to zero by 2050. Nearly 15% of the UK’s total emissions comes from heating homes: an overhaul of the energy performance of the UK’s housing stock is needed to reduce the energy demand.”

Their demands are not unreasonable and, truthfully, social housing needs a major reform for the health, comfort and safety of its occupants – however, the actions taken by these protestors have been met with anger and criticism, putting many lives at danger whilst also disrupting people’s livelihoods. One social media user posted from the scene of the traffic chaos, who was in fact prevented from erecting scaffolding on a building to make way for the installation of thermal insulation. How’s that for irony?

Timely, in this month’s issue, we’ve put insulation under the spotlight, with insulation specialist Recticel uncovering the differences between PIR and traditional insulation materials. Turn to page 20 to find out more.

Here at PSBJ, we’d welcome your thoughts and reactions to Insulate Britain, their demands and actions so far, and what you think will be achieved as a result of the campaigns. Please send in your comments to hannah@redhutmedia.com.

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