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October 2023

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Welcome to the October issue of PSBJ…

As we find ourselves slowly creeping into the autumn months, the most noticeable impact this has on buildings is the depleting amount of daylight that bursts through our windows and rooflights. Natural light brings significant benefits to its occupants, contributing to increased concentration and a greater sense of health and wellbeing – not to mention reduced energy costs. Naturally, building designers will want to utilise daylighting as much as possible by specifying the most effective and efficient systems.

Whilst we navigate our way through retrofitting, as opposed to a ‘demolish and rebuild’ approach, it’s often found that listed or conservation buildings become the subject of restorations. However, improving the daylight in these buildings comes with its challenges. For instance, the conservation rooflight market can be a bit of a minefield. To help on this front, we speak with Paul Trace from Stella Rooflight who gives some welcome advice on what to look out for when specifying conservation rooflights. Turn to page 28 to read more. Meanwhile, Tracey Jackson from Howells Patent Glazing offers a broader overview of the benefits of daylighting including building performance, reduced dependency on electric lighting, health and comfort and much more. To learn more, flick to page 32.

Elsewhere in this issue, our cover story details the stunning restoration of a much-loved historic building in Paisley, whereby the sympathetic alterations prove that retrofitting can meet modern expectations. Also, we showcase a first-of-its-kind wellbeing hub at Chesterfield Hospital, delivered to boost employee mental and physical wellbeing.

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