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April 2021

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Welcome to the April issue of PSBJ…

In the months leading up to the arrival of COVID-19 into Britain, our country’s news headlines spoke of the devastating effects of flooding across northern England, where many houses were left severely damaged, and hundreds of people were forced to evacuate their homes during Christmas and in the weeks that followed. The footage was a stark reminder of the dangers of flooding and brought to light the importance of preventative measures to keep our communities safe.

As we head into the season that brings with it the so-called ‘April showers’, this month’s edition timely discusses some of the pressing issues relating to flood management and drainage in urban environments.

In response to the pressures to build more homes, we’re finding that many councils are forced to build on higher risk flood plains, due to the lack of availability in safer areas, and with that comes the need for multi-stakeholder involvement and collaboration to ensure everyone is adopting the same strategy and following the same guidance to mitigate flood risk.

On page 18, we hear from Hydro International’s Ben Puddy, who discusses some of the guidelines and regulations, and sheds light on the technology and systems utilised in urban environments today. Meanwhile, on page 32, we speak to Marshalls which has, through a study, managed to dispel a common myth around sustainable drainage systems, responding to the frequently-asked question, does permeable paving get blocked up, compromising its effectiveness and longevity as a system?

Elsewhere in April’s edition, Nittan reveals four things you may not have known about multi-sensor fire alarms, Morgan Sindall unveils Glasgow’s Woodside Health and Care Centre and Womble Bond Dickinson discusses how to prepare for possible material shortages and delays brought about by COVID-19 and Brexit.

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