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The ‘aged metal industrial’ look, popular for exterior architectural metalwork, is making its move into interiors. Powdertech’s Aged-Metal/Evolution™ range of ‘patinated’ finishes are user-friendly and easily cleaned.

Powdertech Corby

Increasingly architects, designers and developers are bringing exciting artistic features to building exteriors. Colour and texture play a prominent role, and one of the most popular trends is to create an ‘aged industrial’ look but, importantly, one that is bright, fresh and clean. ‘Clean’ is where Powdertech’s Rust finishes stand out over other finishes such as Corten. With an Evolution finish there is no run-off and staining on nearby surfaces. Nothing comes off on to hands or clothing. The finish has the appearance and texture of aged metal without any of the downsides. The images below show how Evolution finishes are bringing style and energy to retail parks, commercial developments and residential developments to name a few.

For interiors, using aged-metal finishes creates an on-trend, somewhat daringly different look. There is a certain pleasure in encountering an indoor finish that looks old and weatherworn, but is brand new, clean and user-friendly.

Richard Besant explains “Our Aged-Metal/Evolution finishes – and it’s not just ‘rust’ – includes bronze, copper, copper-verdigris, gold, silver and mean that patinated metal finishes can be safely brought inside. Corten can not easily be used in areas where people are brushing up against walls or touching surfaces – the rust effect would certainly end up on their clothes, but Evolution powder coatings stay where they are – and can be cleaned with water or a detergent with no colour lift at all”.

All these shades can be viewed on the Powdertech Corby website in the Colour Library. Bespoke shades are also available.

In line with all architectural powders used by Powdertech, Aged-Metal/Evolution finishes meet the Reaction to Fire Standards for fire classification A2-s1,d0, and are suitable for use on multi-storey residential buildings.

The finishes also have 25-year guarantees for gloss, colour and adhesion and Powdertech’s rigorous pre-treatment system will help to keep the panelling free from corrosion for up to 40-years.

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