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New ‘Airtech Solutions’ App Provides a Solution in Your Pocket

Ventilation specialists Airtech has launched its ‘Airtech Solutions’ app to help social housing providers, landlords, installers, and households find the answer to their condensation, mould and radon problems. The app provides users with access to the Airtech brochure, product datasheets, guides and safety datasheets on the go, with all content downloadable to a phone or tablet so it’s accessible even when there is no internet access.

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The Airtech Solutions app can be downloaded on a smart phone or tablet, on either iOS or Android platforms. The app always shows the latest information and users can view documents in a list or a grid format, use the search tool to easily find the required information, sort the documents by name, date and size, share the documents and create their own list of frequently viewed documents, thanks to this option users can add the document to their own bookmark list.

In addition to the catalogue of information on the app, when a social housing provider or maintenance team visits a property with an issue they can easily book a survey online on the Airtech website via the app. The app links seamlessly to the Airtech website when online, allowing access not only to survey bookings but also servicing, installation, data downloads, training tools and a raft of information condensation, mould and radon.

“Airtech’s new app provides access to a vast array of useful information wherever you are, enabling users to find the solution to a condensation, mould or radon problem in a property”, said Jeremy Cleeter at Airtech. “Users can easily find the information they need anywhere, anytime, knowing the information is always up-to-date. This is particularly useful for installers who may not have internet access on site – they can always access installation instructions on the app ensuring they have the right information for each product.”

The app features Airtech’s latest products that are designed to tackle condensation and mould and radon issues. Boasting patented market-leading ventilation technology that improves tenant comfort and efficiency, Airtech can offer landlords the correct solution for individual properties. This can range from the Air+Loft and Air+Wall Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) to the environment sensing bathroom and kitchen fans, such as the SA25 SELV, the SA60 Mains and SELV, and the SA64, and data gathering fans, such as the DA25, DA60 and DA64, as well as a range of products designed to reduce radon gas levels.

Airtech’s data downloads service is a unique offering, with Airtech the only company in the social housing market that provides such a depth of detail when it comes to ventilation data. In disrepair or complaint cases, detailed record keeping is a must since records are essential to defending these cases. However, the inbuilt datalogger in Airtech’s fans records details of the home environment, such as humidity and temperature levels, to allow the landlord or contractor to track and analyse the correlation of these variables together on one graph. This information is invaluable when it comes to supporting landlords in disrepair or complaint cases with robust data.

Airtech’s mould surveys and treatment offer simple steps that can solve the problem of condensation and mould: comprehensive property surveys to identify condensation, damp and mould problems and recommendations to solve the issues; mould removal treatment and redecoration; and full installation of adequate ventilation equipment to ensure condensation and mould won’t return. The treatment and mould removal is backed by a unique three-year guarantee that the mould will not return.

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