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Sika Launches New Fibre Solution for Beam and Block Floors

In a bid to provide a cost-effective, ‘no fuss’ alternative to steel mesh-reinforced structural topping installations, Sika has launched a new steel fibre solution.


SikaFiber®-1050 B&BA HF enhances concrete topping durability, reduces shrinkage cracking and is ideal for block and beam floors.

Recipient of BBA Certification (No. 21/5872) together with NHBC Acceptance for a dosage of 11.5kg/m3, SikaFiber®-1050 B&BA HF is also compliant with EN 14889-1:2006.

Safe and easier to use than traditional reinforcement, SikaFiber®-1050 B&BA HF reduces construction time because it can be pumped into place with concrete; completely removing the need for costly and laborious mesh installation.

Capable of increasing concrete durability, SikaFiber®-1050 B&BA HF also improves impact, abrasion and shatter resistance. In addition, it requires no minimum amount of concrete cover, potentially reducing the volume of concrete versus traditional mesh reinforcement.

Andy Taurah, national fibre manager at Sika, said: “With the price of steel rebar more than 30 per cent higher than it was in July 2020*, contractors and developers are looking for alternative solutions to keep projects within budget and timescale restrictions.

“Generally speaking, whilst steel mesh is a trusted, traditional way of reinforcing concrete slabs, it has costly purchase, logistic and installation implications. SikaFiber®-1050 B&BA HF is an alternative to rather than a replacement for steel mesh-reinforcement and works in low doses.

“Cold drawn segment wire fibres are continuously deformed to provide optimum performance and are evenly distributed throughout the mix in order to provide consistent strength and durability.”

The launch of SikaFiber®-1050 B&BA HF is Sika’s latest in a long list of fibre solutions which are in strong demand across the UK.

To find out more about SikaFiber®-1050 B&BA HF or any of Sika’s FRC (Fibre-Reinforced Concrete) solutions, please get in touch.

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