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Dr. Schutz, the German floor care company, offers PU Sealer, an innovative solution that quickly and easily transforms tired, damaged or old floors, at a fraction of the time and cost of an entire floor replacement.

Dr. Schutz

As well as renovating any floor with a fresh and lasting finish, PU Sealer offers added protection for flooring areas prone to high traffic. Such areas with a heavily foot volume tend to wear very quickly when they don’t have a hard-wearing product applied. Not only can this cost money, but it can be a time-consuming issue to fix. By applying the PU-Sealer, flooring can be kept in a great condition for many years.

The water based, eco-friendly PU-Sealer can be applied to most types of flooring, including vinyl, tiled and epoxy resin. Adding 40 microns of protective thickness to floors, PU Sealer extends the lifespan by up to six times and provides a lasting clear matt finish. Thanks to the permanent sealing, it protects against friction and discolouration from chemical spillages.

Due to the products special water-based substance, the PU Sealer also reduces dirt adhesion and the time needed for day-to-day maintenance.

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