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Using Dutch Technology, Hydrorock Aquifer SuDS Arrive in the UK!

Earlier this year, Hydrorock Solutions launched their Natural Aquifer sustainable drainage system in the UK and Ireland. Using Dutch technology and years of research and development by Rockwool has created this revolutionary green Hydrorock Natural Aquifer SuDS System – an aquifer drainage system made from natural materials, designed specifically to help overcome worsening flooding and drainage problems due to climate change.


Hydrorock is transforming Dutch water management for architects, developers, engineers and contractors. The system replicates exactly how the natural water cycle works; retaining and properly managing rainfall where it falls, controlling runoff and preventing flooding, whilst also benefitting water quality, soil condition and biodiversity.

Hydrorock delivers the cheapest, greenest and most efficient SuDS available.

The easy and quick to install modular configuration of the system allows dispersal and proper management of storm water/runoff onsite, minimising and controlling runoff through preventing large volumes of water gathering in a single place. The modular system means that this project is ideal for both new construction and retrofitting of existing highways, industrial and residential premises.

How do Hydrorock Aquifer SuDS work to overcome flooding and drought?

Aquifer SuDS work just like a natural Aquifer – only better. The Aquifer Blocks soak up water like a sponge, rapidly absorbing 94% of their cubic volume. Hold water like a reservoir, suspending water within the capillaries between fibres and supporting the weight of the water, thereby preventing soil compaction beneath the Aquifer Blocks. Release water like a watering can, water readily infiltrates the soil through both the bottom and sides of the Aquifer Blocks and begins immediately as soon as the water enters.

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