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Therme Group –  Redefining Global Wellbeing

Therme Group, the global wellbeing organisation and developer of some of the largest water-based attractions in the world, is driven by the belief that wellbeing should be accessible to all. UK Chief Development Officer, Richard Land, shares an insight into how the business is redefining traditional concepts of leisure and wellbeing, by bringing an affordable experience to communities worldwide.

Therme Group

Making a lifelong commitment to the communities we serve, Therme Group’s resorts have a profoundly positive impact in every city where they are located. These benefits to urban health and wellbeing are fundamental to our vision and an issue that has received increased focus and urgency in 2020. We have recently published a report exploring this topic: ‘Human Cities – Increasing Urban Wellbeing’ can be downloaded at www.thermegroup.com/humancities.

Sustainability is the future of wellbeing

Inclusive wellbeing for all is fundamentally dependent on a sustainable approach. In our facilities, we incorporate the most advanced technologies, harnessing the complex interplay of nature, technology and culture. Our unique concept has been highly successful in Europe for over 20 years and thanks to our large-scale approach, we can deliver an affordable pricing structure true to our promise of ‘Wellbeing for All’.

Catering for upwards of a million visitors per year, our resorts offer a unique wellbeing experience, tailored to every guest. Visitors can enjoy thermal bathing traditions from around the world, fun and healthy activities for all ages and affordable therapies in a biodiverse, natural environment. A Therme Group wellbeing resort acts as a catalyst for healthy lifestyles, with evidence showing a lasting positive mental and physical benefit.

The use of sustainable and energy-efficient technologies is essential in delivering this inclusive and affordable customer experience. Every project is, of course, designed to generate wellbeing, with architecture designed in harmony with human needs. Unlike other leisure and wellbeing concepts, there are thousands of different ways to experience a day at our resorts, based on the unique needs of each individual. This allows guests of any age, from any walk of life, to fully unwind and immerse themselves
in a day of health, fun, relaxation and recovery.

A collaborative process

The design process for our facilities is led by our in-house architectural practice, Therme ARC. The team recognise that delivering a next-generation wellbeing resort requires an interdisciplinary approach to planning and design, working with leading experts from around the world in industries such as botany, materials, science, engineering, philosophy, psychology and art. This is fundamental to the complex process of designing and delivering iconic projects across the world, which create a perfectly optimised environment of wellbeing.

Architecture is just one of hundreds of specialist areas that go into creating the world’s most advanced wellbeing resorts. Therme Group incorporates a collective of expert companies, in areas such as engineering, art, operations, research, communications and travel. These all work together with external collaborators to make the vision a reality.

Uniquely, we make a lifelong commitment to all the cities in which we operate, creating dedicated local organisations to support each project, and planning, building, co-financing and operating the facilities ourselves.

Wellbeing for people, plants and planet

Our latest location to open, Therme Bucharest, received the first LEED Platinum certification in the world for its industry category, making it the world’s first fully sustainable thermal resort. With nature at its heart, Therme Bucharest is home to 1500 exotic palm trees and biodiverse botanical gardens, which require a constant humid microclimate, despite an average annual external temperature fluctuation of more than 40°C.

Uniquely, Therme Bucharest has an advanced system to automatically care for its palm trees and more than 200 species of plants. The technical service area underneath the main building contains a palm tree ‘smart’ monitoring and care system, which was specially created by Therme Group and is unique to Therme Bucharest. This bespoke technology monitors each tree’s key indicators, including humidity and root temperature, to then deliver the necessary water, cooled air and nutrients needed to optimise plant health, based on the differing needs of each species.

Using state-of-the-art plant-based filtration, our resorts purify the environment, so guests are always breathing the freshest air and swimming in the cleanest ozone-treated water. As a technology-driven group, we always meet the highest hygiene and safety standards for both guests and staff alike. We continually develop new approaches and work with governing bodies to meet future health and wellbeing needs. This ensures long-term commercial viability and further secures the role of Therme Group’s resorts as an essential piece of social infrastructure.

An accessible wellbeing experience for all

Art and culture play an integral role in Therme Group’s wellbeing concept, with a dedicated programme, Therme Art, bringing world-class contemporary art to a unique setting, allowing visitors to engage with, and experience, art in a way that is accessible to all.

The recently-approved Therme Manchester is the UK’s first city-based wellbeing resort and our most advanced project to date. The resort, set to open in 2023, will combine hundreds of water-based activities with wellbeing treatments, art, nature and technology to create a unique experience, never seen before in the UK.

Therme Manchester, which will occupy a 28-acre site, will be the largest and most technologically-advanced wellbeing facility in Europe, around twice the size of Therme Bucharest. The resort’s natural environment, with thousands of plants and trees, will be created by world-leading designers, artists, architects and engineers to achieve the highest levels of experience, quality and sustainability. Combined with hundreds of activities for all, visitors will have an experience far beyond anything offered in a hotel, gym or holiday resort, at a fraction of the cost.

Further technical details of Therme Manchester will be made available throughout the course of the project. Other plans are in development worldwide, with details recently announced for further destinations in London, Scotland and Wales. The rollout across the UK will be a significant driver for economic growth, also enabling new technology and R&D partnerships.

I invite everyone invested in the collective wave of innovation towards human cities of the future to download our recently published report Human Cities – Increasing Urban Wellbeing and connect with us to further the wellbeing of both people and planet.

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