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The Value of Specialist Contractors for Public Sector Interior Projects

In this article, Lee Spencer, Head of Operations at national contractor Novus Property Solutions, discusses the benefits of choosing a specialist contractor, and the role this can play in overcoming the challenges associated with refurbs in live environments.

Novus Property Solutions

The demand for turnkey interior solutions is continuing to grow, as stakeholders across both the public and commercial sectors increasingly see the benefits of a space being fully fitted, equipped and ready to use in a short amount of time.

These fast-track services can cover almost any sector and building, from minor alterations to complex reconfigurations, and are ideal for projects with time restrictions. However, as with any refurbishment project, turnkey services may encounter a series of challenges, from industry-level supply chain issues to the unique considerations of working in a live environment.

Live environments

While some public sector interior fit-outs can be undertaken out of hours, such as delivering school-based projects outside of term time, this isn’t always possible. Buildings like hospitals often operate on a 24-hour, 365-day schedule, meaning that any work will need to be carried out alongside regular services.

Where this is the case, keeping disruption for staff and service users to a minimum must be the priority, and early engagement with a specialist contractor is the most effective way to ensure this. Specialist interior refurbishment contractors will be experienced in carrying out fit-outs in a variety of live environments, and when consulted during the initial stages of a project, can build specific measures into a programme.

Commercial experience

Specialist contractors will have vast experience in both public and commercial projects, and this understanding of the commercial sector can be highly beneficial for the public sector too. This includes balancing the delivery of high-quality spaces with time and budget restrictions, and applying the techniques used to meet all of these requirements to public sector projects maximises value for money.

Commercial fit-out projects, such as hotels and car showrooms, also require equal emphasis on form and function – with spaces needing to be practical for heavy footfall without compromising on aesthetic appeal. One of the key benefits of working with contractors like Novus, which offers a dedicated interiors service, is that they will have a number of design and architectural partners to achieve both style and practicality.

Established supply chains

While specialist contractors will benefit from strong working relationships with interior designers and architects, they will also have an established full supply chain.
The construction industry has faced a series of supply chain challenges in recent years, including skills shortages, Brexit and the effects of the pandemic, which caused much-publicised materials shortages. While materials are becoming more accessible again, prices have increased and this, of course, impacts the overall cost of a programme.

One of the key benefits a specialist contractor can offer in overcoming these issues is the use of an effective supply chain. From engagement with local enterprise and maximising knowledge to offering greater value for money and reliable lead times, an established supply chain can play a vital role in ensuring a turnkey interior project is delivered on time and on budget.

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