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Zentia Introduces Aruba Triangle and New Colours in the Aruba Family Range, Elevating Design Possibilities

Zentia, a leading manufacturer of innovative ceiling solutions, is delighted to announce two exciting product updates. The highly anticipated Aruba Triangle range takes it debut, and 35 new colours are introduced to the existing Aruba family.


Zentia has introduced its colourful additions to the existing Aruba range in July. It now boasts an impressive selection of 35 vibrant colours that can be used to define zoned areas, assist with wayfinding, or add a touch of creativity to any design. The range includes crisp and classic whites, deep black, elegant neutrals such as greys and browns, as well as playful shades of blue, green, yellow, orange, red and purple.

The Aruba family, previously known as Dune eVo, showcases a high-performance suspended ceiling tile, combining aesthetic appeal with outstanding functionality. Its exceptional acoustic properties make it an ideal choice for various environments including education, healthcare, commercial, leisure, retail, and transportation. The tiles do not have to be specified, and have short lead times, providing a versatile solution for architects and designers undertaking refurbishment projects as well as new builds.

Zentia also launched Aruba Triangles in August, a product that shares the same functionality as the rest of the Aruba family, but pushes the boundaries of design even further. With imaginative and captivating triangle-shaped tiles, this range opens up a realm of possibilities for creative expression.

The name “Aruba” is inspired by the breathtaking Caribbean Island, known for its white sandy beaches which replicate the finely sanded finish of the tile.

Aruba, previously known as Dune eVo, has become highly regarded within the industry due to its exceptional mix of acoustic and aesthetic performance, sustainability credentials, and cost-effectiveness. Zentia’s products offer the perfect balance between functionality and design, enabling architects and designers to bring their visions to life. The Aruba product family consists of up to 46% recyclable content, minimising the ecological impact and contributing to a greener future.

As with all Zentia products, the Aruba product family is built on the four pillars that define the company: partnership, UK focus, reliability and innovation. Zentia prides itself on working closely with customers to understand their unique requirements, offering bespoke, localised support, maintaining consistent product quality, and continuously innovating to stay ahead of industry trends.

John Spicer, Head of New Product Development at Zentia said: “We are thrilled to unveil these additions to the existing Aruba family. With these product launches, we aim to inspire architects, designers, and industry professionals to explore new horizons of design. The Aruba family brings together exceptional performance, beautiful aesthetics, and sustainable solutions to create exceptional spaces for all.”

For more information about Zentia and its Aruba ranges, please visit the website below.

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