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The Importance of Fire Door Traceability

Fire doors play a critical role in passive fire protection, helping to save lives and protect property by buying time for firefighters to arrive in the event of a fire. But fire doors that are not properly specified, installed or maintained are at risk of catastrophic failure at the time they are needed most.

Door-stop International

With the needs of landlords and residents in mind, Door-Stop International has launched its new Fire and Security Dual-Certificated Doorset; a timber core product with GRP facings that is dual third-party certificated using a wide and robust base of primary test evidence as the foundation for certification. Dual certification provides the assurance that the doorsets meet requirements for both security and fire safety, and that the specification has been verified by an independent third party.

Keep an accurate record of fire door information

When specifying, installing and maintaining fire doors, it is essential that landlords and property managers have access to detailed information about the type of fire doorset, testing and certification and manufacturer details. It’s for this reason that Door-Stop operates a robust traceability system that means that every doorset is allocated its own unique serial number via a tamperproof label.

Traceability of doorset components

Door-Stop operates a strict, digital, factory production control (FPC) system designed to provide consistency of specification, control and traceability. It’s these factory control processes that are regularly audited by independent, UKAS accredited auditors and certification bodies.

Specifiers, building owners and residents can understand the key features of the specification and the associated certificate and data sheet via publicly available information posted on the Warringtonfire website. The certificate details the entire specification of the doorset and the associated components, the primary test evidence report numbers and certification.

Digital golden thread

As the new Building Safety Bill comes into force, the Accountable Persons and Building Safety Managers will be required to keep a digital record of all information relating to how the building was built and maintained, also known as the golden thread.

With regard to fire doorsets, as an example, details of the specification, manufacturer details and third party certification, installation details, maintenance records and a copy of the traceability information provided on each fire door label should be kept in an easily accessible digital format.

The full manufacturing process is monitored by the Door-Stop bespoke ‘Critical to Safety framework’ which has been designed to make a digital record of every single fire doorset, including components and manufacturing processes. This is Door-Stop’s digital golden thread of information that aids traceability for all stakeholders in the chain.

Technical support and advice

Door-Stop International provides detailed instructions to ensure that doorsets can be installed in line with the certification. We recommend using third party certified installers to ensure a level of suitable competency and documentation is exercised throughout the installation and maintenance processes. This means that the doorset should perform as intended and assists installers and building owners in demonstrating their legal responsibilities to ensure the safety of residents.

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